What to expect

We look at Scripture impartially and with an open mind

We have a modest hall situated near the traffic lights on Harepath Road. It has cloakroom and toilet facilities including for the disabled.  Wheelchair access is easy and there is a loop system for anyone with impaired hearing.

Visitors are welcomed inside by a doorkeeper and offered a Bible and hymn book.

Most meetings last no longer than an hour.

A friendly, family  atmosphere prevails, and members tend to stay on and chat at the end of meetings.  Any of our members would be happy to talk to you and answer questions you might have.

Coffee at 10:30am and Bible readings at 11am every other Wednesday at our hall  –  All welcome

Chairs are set out facing the front table, where the president and speaker sit. Dress is smart-casual.
The seating is normally set out for fifty which gives plenty of space for visitors in addition to members. For formal meetings female members wear a head covering
(in accordance to the Apostle Paul’s advice in 1 Corinthians chapter 11).

Hymn singing is usually to organ accompaniment or to recorded hymn tunes. It is our custom to stand for hymns and prayers.

Collections for our general expenses and various charities (both our own and others) are taken up at the Breaking of Bread service on Sunday mornings. Visitors are not expected to contribute and all our meetings are always free of charge.

Sunday evening Bible talks cover a wide range of subjects relating to the Gospel message of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as prophecy concerning world events and matters of topical interest.