About us

Seaton Christadelphians have been meeting together in Devon for over about years. We are made up of 30 members from all ages and walks of life and are part of a world-wide faith of over 50,000 throughout over 120 countries.

Meeting times:

Our Memorial Meeting is at The Colyford Memorial Hall at 11am, less than a mile from Seaton. Concurrently we run a small Sunday School for children aged 4 – 10 years old.

Presently masks are still being worn in the main meeting room, except for those who are exempt.


Our Fraternal Gathering to be held at the Colyford Hall on Saturday 30 April at 2.30 pm. Theme: ‘The example of David in Romans’ First talk ‘Acknowledging sin’ Second talk ‘Delighting in God’s Law’.

Speaker: Bro John Owen (Mumbles) Short interval between talks. Buffet tea to follow. Large car park. 
Regrettably the meet
ing will not be on Zoom.

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God which has a real message and a living hope for men and women today.


Through Bible reasoning, we are united in a common set of beliefs underpinned by a belief in the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.


By reading we can learn about God’s message to us and gain greater faith. It tells us about the life, teaching, the death and resurrection of Jesus. The Bible says clearly that he will come again – to bring peace and justice by establishing God’s Kingdom on earth.


We have no paid clergy. All our members work voluntarily and freely meet together on Sundays.


We meet primarily to remember the sacrifice of Jesus as he asked his disciples to do. This service is held on Sundays and is arranged around breaking bread and drinking wine in remembrance of him.


From time to time we hold other meetings, for example, Bible talks on specific subjects, Bible reading groups and coffee mornings. If you would like to come along to any of our meetings, we would be delighted to see you and offer you a warm welcome.


We encourage you to explore the Bible’s message for yourself. We hope this website helps you open God’s invitation to you to be part of His plan.


Bible courses

For a free online seminar to understand Bible basics, learn more here.