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Let the Bible speak... in July

It would not be unfair to say that most religions in the world exist because of the mystery of death and our concern to know what happens when we die. In the Bible Jesus Christ says of himself that he “lived and died” and, “look”, “now I am alive forever”.   His disciple and friend, Peter, said of Jesus. “…God raised him up, having loosed the pangs of death, because it was not possible for him to be held by it”.  The Bible teaches that humans die because of God’s sentence for sin – everyone sins, so everyone dies. There is one amazing exception – Jesus Christ who did no sin but laid down his life and was raised from the dead.  Jesus also says, “I have the keys of hell and of death”. He has the power to unlock the grave and give new life to others as well.  The Bible is the book of life.

Talks coming up


This week's events:

  • Sunday Bible subject at 12.15pm :
    The Bible our guide on 21 07 2019
  • Bible Class on Thursday at 7.30pm:
    QBM - members only on 25 07 2019

Evidence for belief

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