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Let the Bible speak in May...

A Springtime Message

Spring has arrived in Devon with new life in field and hedgerow, bringing with it the prospect of the glory of summer. The Bible contains many references to God’s care for his creation through nature and the seasons. It also speaks in the same breath of the development of his great plan for the world. Psalm 72 is a fine example of this. The psalm is from the time of King David and his son, Solomon, 1000 years before Christ. Solomon’s reign was certainly a glorious one but the son who is really being spoken of here is God’s own son Jesus. His kingdom is what is coming on the earth - the kingdom for which Jesus tells us to pray in the ‘Lords Prayer’. The psalm also says – “He shall come down like rain upon the mowing grass” (v. 6). “All kings shall bow down to him - all nations shall serve him.” (v. 11). “Men shall be blessed in him: all nations shall call him blessed” (v. 17). “Let the whole earth be filled with his glory:
Amen and Amen.” (v.19)

Online Bible Talks

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This week's events:

  • Sunday Bible subject at 12.15pm :
    Meetings at our hall are still suspended for the moment. Please use the Contact Us button for enquiries. on 22 04 2021

Evidence for belief

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