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Let the Bible speak...

Is there a day when the name Israel does not appear in world news? The Bible shows that God has a special purpose with that land and with its people, the Jews. From ancient times their destiny has been in his hands and he has said to the nations of the world, they are “my witnesses, that I am God”. (Isaiah 43) For the believer, the living world on our planet speaks of the existence of a Creator God but the history of the Jewish people bears witness to his on-going plan for the earth. Since they left slavery in Egypt 3500 years ago and against all rational probability, they have survived every attempt to destroy them. God has said, “I will gather them from the countries and bring them into their own land.” (Ezekiel 34) Since WW2 they have been returning and in 1948 they re-emerged as a nation among the nations of the world as he has planned.The Bible shows the survival of our world is bound up with the destiny of Israel. Jesus Christ, their king, will return to establish God’s kingdom from Jerusalem and will be “king over all the earth”. (Zech. 14:9)        

Talks coming up


This week's events:

  • Bible Class on Thursday at 3pm:
    The meaning of Bible types and shadows on 15 11 2018
  • Bible Hour on Sunday at 5pm:
    The reliability of the Bible on 18 11 2018

Evidence for belief

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