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Let the Bible speak in February...

Getting back to normal...

It’s true. The Bible predicts the future. It tells of God’s great plan for His earth which runs like a backbone through the Book, and it is clearly summarised in the first request of the Lord’s prayer - “Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.

The Bible reveals the new world that is coming.  A world at peace - transformed and ruled by God’s son, Jesus Christ, who died on a cross outside the walls of Jerusalem.  Raised from the dead, he is alive today and is waiting for the moment when his Father will send him back to the earth as its King, making the great plan a reality.

Whatever the shape of things may be when the trauma of Covid is over, the earth will still face the prospect of being overwhelmed by the consequences of human ambition.  That is, until Jesus comes to heal it with his Father’s kingdom.  There, surely, is the real ‘new normal’.

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…”. Matt 6:33


Talks coming up

We are living in extraordinary times that are affecting the whole world. Click on the video above for the Bible's answer to the current crisis and the message of hope God offers.


This week's events:

  • Sunday Bible subject at 12.15pm :
    Meetings at our hall are temporarily suspended. Please use the Contact Us button on 02 01 2021

Evidence for belief

Play the clip above to learn about Bible manuscripts.

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